Sinclairville: Going to well for big digs

For all those who want to subsidize their local governments because of the “local control,” it never fails how they will look to Washington or Albany to help pick up the big price tag items.

In Sinclairville, the village learned last week it can receive a $5 million state grant for its water system. The bad news? The department only serves about 217 customers.

Think about that. For every one customer, that is a cost of $23,042.

Not very economical when you think about it. “This is huge for the residents of Sinclairville,” village Mayor Ken France said.

Being part of a regional system would be “huge.” Five million dollars for a plant serving a small number of customers? No efficiency there.

All the state is doing, by possibly granting $5 million, is rewarding a poor system. In the age of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has endorsed regional efforts, it’s another step in the wrong direction.