Erie County needs to stay out of our affairs


My comment goes out to the Erie County resident who wrote a letter in the OBSERVER headlined “Winds of change may be ahead” (July 29) and utmost what happens in the city of Dunkirk and the county of Chautauqua should be no concern of anyone from Erie County or anywhere else outside of Chautauqua County.

His one suggestion is for wind generation among other suggestions. All these suggestions take time. Is this writer going to pay my taxes while all this nonsense is in the works? Probably not, so if you don’t live here or pay taxes here mind your own business and that goes for your friends who spoke at the college against the NRG plant. If you’re that bored with life that you have to interfere with others’ lives then go and protest and give your suggestions to the state of Pennsylvania where they have no regulations on the environment and leave us alone.

You must have problems in East Aurora. Look around, maybe you will find one or two problems. While you are doing that, mind your own business with us and stay away, far away with your friends from Erie County.

Hopefully we still exist after this turmoil is over and people stay in Erie County where they belong once and for all.