Horrigan reacts to County Home contract cancelation

Chautauqua County Executive Candidate Vince Horrigan is disappointed in the County Home contract cancelation and calls for continued search for a qualified buyer.

“In preparation for Wednesday evening’s previously scheduled legislature meeting, I, along with another legislator, visited two of the three WNY skilled nursing facilities operated by the proposed buyer in order to personally observe the facilities and talk to the staff. I found both facilities to be well maintained and the staff to be very motivated and complementary of the ownership team,” Horrigan said. “However, we must ensure that all terms of a contract are strictly enforced and therefore I concur with the cancellation decision based on the failure of the purchaser to deposit the escrow funding.”

Horrigan went on to say, “A key component of the lean government part of my plan is to privatize the Chautauqua County Home which will save the taxpayers over $2.5 million annually and put the skilled nursing facility onto the tax base. I remain optimistic that a qualified purchaser can be found and we must continue that effort with full determination.”