Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


PAY IT FORWARD – The Dunkirk Varsity football team has a new assistant this year chalk full of experience. Gowanda native Bob Palcic, a 1966 graduate of the former Cardinal Mindszenty High School, recently retired after more than 20 years of coaching in the college and professional ranks. He’s coached at Dayton, Ball State, Wisconsin, the Toronto Argonauts, Arizona, Ohio State, USC, UCLA, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, and SMU. “It worked out so I’m going to be here for three months, August, September and October, and I’m just going to volunteer my services to Dunkirk High School and I’m going to coach the offensive line and really, I want to be a consultant,” he said. What a great opportunity for Dunkirk students. When asked why he came back to Western New York, he notes how a former coach of his gave him a recommendation and passed away an hour later. Palcic got a job at Ohio State and vowed to some day return to the area to “pay it forward.” We applaud him for his decision.

CLEANER PLAYGROUND – Charles “Duke” Medema, a local Eagle Scout candidate and JROTC Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, recently organized a clean-up at the New York Avenue playground, taking care of litter, weeds and more. Area scouts and cadets participated in the clean-up. It’s good to see young people making a difference in our community.

SERVING IN KUWAIT – Silver Creek Trustee Ben Peters will be missing a few meetings for the next couple of months. That’s because the elected official is being deployed to Kuwait. We applaud him for his service and pray for his safety while serving our country overseas.


OIL AND STONE -No one likes having their streets covered in oil and stone. It creates a lot of dust and the stones can damage vehicles. But the argument can be made that it helps roads last longer. What we’re questioning is timing. On Thursday, Fredonia decided to oil and stone Central Avenue. Literally thousands of people are coming to Fredonia this weekend, bringing their son or daughter to college, and their vehicles are getting pelted. It doesn’t give a good first impression. If you’re going to oil and stone a major road, do it earlier or later in the year, not days before the busiest weekend of the year.