Innocent but guilty in public opinion

It seems as if no one wants to defend George Zimmerman. I would like to have an opportunity to voice my opinion.

After reading Paul Christopher’s last column (Aug. 12) beating up on Zimmerman, I have to respond. At one time, in my long life, I could have been identified as a member of the liberal thinkers. Those from that era are now called octogenarians. Any resemblance of liberalism with many from that time has long been replaced through experiences that have dismayed many of us. Yes, I have personally witnessed the cruelty of discrimination. It did not happen in the south but in a bar outside of Fort Dix, N.J. A black soldier, who sat near me at the bar with his uniform on, was refused to be served a drink. I quickly confronted the bartender and was met by an excuse he had orders to not serve Negros! This soldier was headed for Korea just like the rest of us at the bar. My buddies and I left after we voiced our consternations.

Fast forward to the present. Since then they did away with the poll tax, they integrated the schools plus many other things to even the playing field, especially with Affirmative Action that bypassed the qualified and replaced them with less qualified minorities. Many of the qualified rose above this leveling playing field. Affirmative Action has not entirely been accepted by those who strive for excellence in education and employment.

To foster protection from anti-Affirmative Action or anyone who questions preferential treatment of black people liberals have put into place “Political Correctness.” I remember what it was like way back then and, in my mind, changes have been made but it does not look any better now as far as unity among races is concerned.

In a another column from July 29, Christopher goes back and forth about the right for people to protect themselves from the bad guys. Then he finds different ways to characterize Trayvon Martin as the victim and Zimmerman as the perpetrator. His assumptions were purely hypothetical. He continued with his diatribe in his recent article, condemning Zimmerman and everyone who believes not only in law and order but the right of self protection. He failed to mention that there has been documented evidence there were recent crimes committed in the neighborhood of the killing by black men.

A good rebuttal to his column was Bill O’Reilly’s article, “The big picture,” located just below the political cartoon in the same issue. O’Reilly points out black men between ages 14 and 24 commit homicides at a rate of 10 times that of young white and Hispanic males combined!

I have read and enjoyed Christopher’s columns but beating up on Zimmerman, like a bully, every chance he gets is disgusting. Also disgusting were remarks made by our president and the attorney general and other liberals who were eager to get on the bandwagon to hang Zimmerman. These groups were all driven to hang him before the ink dried on the newspapers where these appeasing commentaries jumped to conclusions. How can they expect to eliminate racial strife when they are always looking for excuses to justify the criminal behavior?

I would, in closing, like to add: Protecting peoples right to protect themselves is more important than “political correctness.”

Jack Benson is a Fredonia resident.