Twenty years ago — 1993

Dunkirk Mayor Margaret Wuerstle said she plans to approve a new local law establishing a midnight curfew for all youths under the age of 17. Mayor Wuerstle stated her answering machine is jammed with messages from residents who want me to sign the law. She added that people have to understand the police have priorities and enforcing the curfew cannot take precedence over other, more important calls.

Thirty years ago – 1983

It was a joyful and unexpected reunion for two college buddies who hadn’t seen each other for 21 years. Joe Namath, the famous former quarterback for the New York Jets and Richard “Rich” Mangano of Philadelphia, a Silver Creek native and local high school football star, recently met. Their days at the University of Alabama as freshmen football players were reminisced during a chance meeting at a Philadelphia dinner theater. Mangano and his wife Sandra were guests of “Broadway Joe” for dinner later in the week.

Forty years ago – 1973

Chautauqua County American Legion Commander Samuel Privatera of Fredonia will be among other local legionnaires departing for the national American Legion Convention in Hawaii.

Fifty years ago – 1963

Barbara Ann Gloede, former Miss Dunkirk-Fredonia, Miss New York State and upcoming Miss America contestant, sang “Wouldn’t It Be Lover-ly” for a radio program today at Rusch’s Restaurant.