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OBSERVER staff writer

It has been a busy construction season at SUNY Fredonia this summer.

According to Michael Barone, director of public relations at SUNY Fredonia, “Things are going forward as scheduled,” in regards to the university’s new science center and townhouses.

Construction of the science center began in July 2011 and the exterior of the building is mostly finished while mechanical, electrical and plumbing work continues on all floors.

Barone said the interior work is “pretty extensive,” considering the necessity for unique ventilation systems and other features typical within educational facilities, and that construction is “very much on track for fall of 2014.”

“The sciences have always been sort of our unsung heroes,” Barone said. “We haven’t given them the limelight they deserve.”

The layout of the building encourages the “intermingling of ideas,” according to Barone, and the disbursement of departments within one location will prompt students and faculty to interact with each other more frequently. This results in more academic communication and exchanging of ideas.

“It will attract additional faculty and higher quality faculty and students,” Barone said.

New townhouses at the north end of campus are projected to be finished on time. The $30 million project, which began in May, will provide six residence halls for 196 students, the majority of them international and graduate students who will have the ability to stay on campus year-round.

Barone said the townhouses will “help us meet the needs of these students,” mentioning that SUNY Fredonia welcomed 40 new international students this week.

Barone said, “We’re redefining the way people will think of SUNY Fredonia.”

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