Hanover to consider zoning changes


OBSERVER Assistant News Editor

HANOVER – The Hanover planning and zoning boards presented several laws the boards identified as needing amending.

Town Councilman Kevin O’Connell brought the matter before the town board, saying many of the recommendations have been brought to the board in the past.

He said the one recommendation the board has not discussed is including a sunset clause for use variances.

“They shouldn’t be forever,” he said. “They should expire when a property is sold or when they are no longer applicable to the property.”

He said this came up after an issue with a business reopening in a neighborhood that had completely changed since the variance was issued and the business closed.

O’Connell said the other recommendations the board has discussed before include defining an “addition” and changing the fee schedule. He said on the latter, that the code enforcement officer has made his recommendation on the fees.

O’Connell said the planning and zoning boards want the town board to have serious discussions with Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro about the proposed changes.

Passafaro said the board can change multiple zoning laws with one local law. The board took no action at Monday’s meeting.

The board also awarded bids for two tandem axle trucks and two dump boxes. Highway Superintendent explained the town only received one bids for each item. He said he did not know why other companies did not respond because the legal notice was posted for the appropriate amount of time.

Buffalo Truck Center entered a bid of $107,500 for each truck and Henderson Truck Equipment entered a bid of $26,575 per box with the option for stainless steel for an extra $1,556. D’Angelo said Henderson boxes are “top-of-the-line” in quality and that the upgrade to stainless steel will be worth the cost for the longevity of the box.

The board approved the bids for a total purchase of $271,262 to be taken from the highway equipment reserve, subject to a permissive referendum. The town plans to put the plows from a 2000 Sterling plow truck and a 1998 Volvo truck on the new trucks and sell the others at auction in the spring. The money from the auctions will be put back into the reserve fund. D’Angelo said he is not sure when he will have the trucks operational because it can take up to 120 days to deliver, then the box must be put on and the plow transferred.

D’Angelo also said the town received a letter with the Department of State’s “blessing” for the dredging project. He said this is one more step toward the project but the town is still lacking funding.

D’Angelo also reported after removing large rocks from the boat launch office and bathroom roofs he found the shingles were curling and said it has been about 30 years since they were replaced. Supervisor Todd Johnson asked D’Angelo to look into the price of shingle and steel roofing before the board takes any action.

The board scheduled an open house of the wastewater treatment plant for Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. The board will also hold a public comment meeting on Sept. 16. Johnson said there have been no changes in the engineering plans to upgrade the plant.

The board will meet with Sheriff Joseph Gerace to discuss the town’s police protection contract which expires at the end of this year.

The next town board meeting will be held Sept. 9.