Relocate city statue

A statue in need of a face-lift probably deserves a relocation as well.

Earlier this month, repairs and a possible enclosure for the Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh statue were discussed at a Citizens Advisory Committee meeting. The carving, created by Peter Wolf Toth, is similar to those located throughout the United States and Canada. Dunkirk is host for the only Toth statue in this state.

It is far from being highly touted.

Though it sits on Route 5, there are no historical markers or mention for the statue until you get to the location. It probably deserves better.

Last restored in 2003, another restoration – likely to cost $10,000 – is needed, according to Second Ward Councilman William Rivera.

“Our Indian statue is in bad shape,” he said.

A potential relocation could include the Dunkirk Memorial Lighthouse, which has about 20,000 tourists visit each year. These tourists could now have greater exposure to the statue at the historic city location.

Lighthouse volunteers have made some tremendous improvements to the facility in recent years. This addition would be welcome – and add proper visibility and care by those tireless, unpaid workers.

Our “Whispering Giant” is lost on Route 5. New visibility may bring it new life.