Twenty years ago – 1993

Union and county officials came away empty-handed following a last-ditch effort to persuade Alumax Extrusion Corporation representatives to reconsider plans to close their Dunkirk plant. “We presented them with an economic incentive package put together by the county and a proposed contract modification offer from the union, but they told us their decision was irreversible,” explained James Bickhart, staff representative for the United Steel Workers of America. He said company officials told him it was just too expensive to do business in New York state.

Thirty years ago – 1983

A 1903 Packard Model F, which is making a transcontinental journey from San Francisco to New York this summer to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the first such trip by a motor car, stopped in Fredonia this week. Local residents got a chance to look over the authentically restored vehicle in front of the Fredonia Chamber of Commerce Office on West Main Street.

Forty years ago – 1973

The 1969 station wagon used by the County Health Department’s Rodent Control program and nicknamed “The Rat Patrol,” was destroyed this weekend. A sheriff’s investigation is in progress.

Fifty years ago – 1963

After delivering 387,050 papers and driving 90,710 miles, Ray E. Everett of Fredonia, 73, retired from the OBSERVER circulation department. His delivery route took him through the Silver Creek, Hanover and Forestville areas.