Development: $10M project fits a need

It is about time.

A $10 million project to boost tourism in Sunset Bay is exactly what this region needs. “There’s going to be a hotel and water park there that’s 20,000 square feet. There’s going to be a mall-type area eventually on the development … and there’s going to be a fast-food restaurant and a regular restaurant,” Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency Administrative Director Bill Daly said during a meeting last week.

Right now, Sunset Bay is known throughout Western New York and parts of Canada as a getaway and leisure location. One of the big problems, however, is a lack of lodging. Besides the Lighthouse Inn, there are no other nearby hotels or motels.

And there is a demand, especially in the summer, for something like this.

MMM Real Estate Development is looking to complete the project by June 1, just in time for next year’s busy season in Sunset Bay. About 100 jobs will be created as a result of the water park as well as 75 to 100 construction jobs.

That is something to celebrate.