Silver Creek readies for start of school

SILVER CREEK – It is almost that time of year again – the beginning of the school year.

Silver Creek Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich said the excitement is building for the start of school.

Ljiljanich reported most of the capital project summer construction work is completed. He said classrooms will soon be handed over to teachers, although there still may be some internal work going on until Wednesday.

He said one very noticeable thing will not be completed for the first day of classes.

“We anticipate being fully ready except for the front loop which will not be done until the second week of school,” he said, adding that this was anticipated.

He added the buzzer system has been moved to the door near the new parking lot for safety purposes until the loop is completed.

Ljiljanich said there are some noticeable changes for students, teachers and parents to look forward to including the elementary office space, the elementary cafeteria and moving the nurse’s office to now be near the elementary cafeteria.

He added that some second shift work will continue into the school year, but all first shift work will end when students arrive.

Also in preparing for the new school year, the board approved the appointment of Victoria Tomasulo as music teacher.

“There was a very competitive pool of candidates for the position but Victoria shined. She did an outstanding job in the interviews and was our clear candidate,” Ljiljanich said.

The board also appointed Jessica Huff as a .2 FTE Iroquois studies teacher. The position will be paid for by the Seneca Nation of Indians.

English Teacher Kevin Rice was also appointed as .5 FTE dean of students. Ljiljanich said the position used to be full-time but the board decided this year to split the position into two half-time positions between Rice and business teacher Rachel Castiglia.

The board also approved the 2013-2014 tax warrant, which according to Business Administrator Cindy Mackowiak puts the true value tax rate 15 cents lower than estimated at budget time for a rate of $17.61 per $1,000 assessed value.

Ljiljanich said the state released a scale for the state test scores so that schools can compare data to past years. He said the school has not had time to compute the data and it will be presented at the next board meeting on Sept. 11.