Redneck star

GOWANDA – What do you get when you take a car bucket seat, the back of a pickup truck and some redneck ingenuity? The Redneck Rocker.

Eighteen-year-old Dalton Dailey of Gowanda will be featured on an upcoming episode of “Hillbilly Thrill Rides” on Destination America. According to a press release on the upcoming episodes, “each show features self-proclaimed rednecks who have harnessed their down-home ingenuity to create some of the most eccentric, unregulated and epic amusements America has to offer.” The program Dailey will be featured on will be part of a special Labor Day programming event airing Saturday with an encore presentation Monday night.

The episode will feature Dailey’s creation, the Redneck Rocker, which he called a mixture of a swing set and a pickup truck. The episode will also feature Dailey’s brother, Cole, and friends Jake Hansen-Ivett, Ian Kickbush and Seth Vandermeir. Dailey’s grandmother will also make an appearance.

“Imagine a swing set in the back of a pickup truck. As you accelerate and brake, the chair swings. It’s like a bucket seat from a car up about 8 feet or so,” Dailey said.

Dailey and the young men were chosen for the television show through Dailey’s YouTube channel. He’s been posting videos for about two years and started to entertain and make people laugh. He said he originally thought the television station was joking when he got the message.

“(Representatives from the show) actually watched some of my videos and they personal messaged me on YouTube. The first time I thought ‘Yeah, OK’ and I ignored it. They sent it again a week or two later and I ignored it. The third time it came along they said ‘Let us call you,'” said Dailey. “I thought the way they contacted me was pretty funny.”

According to Dailey, the Redneck Rocker featured on TV is more safe than the original. He said some modifications were made to ensure safety. He explained the first one he built was to entertain people on YouTube. Film crews were in Gowanda to film the episode in June over a two-day period. The film crew couldn’t believe Dailey was building the rocker at his house right in the village. He said the filming was “very repetitive.”

“Everything we did we had to do at least twice, if not three, four or five times. I would make a funny comment or make fun of somebody and they would say ‘OK, pause.’ They’d go 180 degrees from me and say ‘Say that line again,'” said Dailey. “It was different. It was something I’m not used to but it was fun.”

He said he has even driven around the village with the invention but has yet to get stopped by the police. He joked his neighbors are probably not pleased with him.

“I’m sure my neighbors hate me, but I haven’t had any cops call on me. But if I did, I think that would be a good video,” he joked.

Dailey is a sophomore at Jamestown Community College studying mechanical engineering and a 2012 graduate of Gowanda High School. Dailey said the young men will probably throw a party at his house and has plans to record the episode. The episode will air on Saturday, Aug. 31 at 8 p.m. and Monday, Sept. 2 at 9 p.m. on Destination America.

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