Blessed Mary Angela Prayer Line continues at St. Hyacinth’s

For over three years, the Blessed Mary Angela Prayer Line has brought comfort and consolation with prayer online to individuals in need. The Prayer Line was started by Sister Mary Cynthia Kilian after she was inspired to bring the power of praying to Blessed Mary Angela to the people who entrust their needs to the saintly founder of the Felician Sisters.

Blessed Mary Angela was beatified in 1993 in Rome, Italy after the miracle in Dunkirk occurred to a parishioner of St. Hyacinth’s parish. With an alleged second miracle in Connecticut, the founder of the Felician Sisters may be canonized as a saint.

Many prayers have been answered, and those who have received this grace have shared it with others. Thousands of people have prayed with Sister Mary Cynthia over the phone and online. Their faith increased with every answered prayer and word of comfort.

Call to pray through the intercession of Blessed Mary Angela at 203-7228, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sister Cynthia welcomes all callers.