Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


BACK ON CAMPUS – Once again, Fredonia State University students have returned to the local area. While some students make headlines doing unfortunate things such as drinking alcohol excessively, or taking illegal substances, there are many students on campus who are respectful of the local community. Give the students some respect. SUNY Fredonia makes our area a lot stronger in many ways. It’s good to have them back.

OPEN ONCE AGAIN – After two years, the Cassadaga Branch Library has finally re-opened. The library was owned by the town of Stockton, but officials there decided to close and sell the building after mold became a problem. People in the community stepped up, donations were made, the building was sold to a not-for-profit and the library is open once again. There are ways to get things done without governmental assistance after all.

GAZEBO FACELIFT – The Fredonia Village Board got some good news this past week, after officials learned the Rotary Club has decided to restore the gazebo in Barker Common. The Rotary built the Gazebo nearly 40 years ago. We’re glad they are able to keep it in shape as well.


VOTING DEBATE CHANGE – Some Forestville residents are upset because of a proposal to change the election date from March to November. They believe it’s a ploy by the current board to keep the administration in office longer. There’s a number of advantages to a November election. Town, county, state and federal officials are all elected in November. Village elections in November can get higher turnout. It’s also easier for newly elected officials because they won’t be “stuck” with another board’s budget. It’s cheaper because the County Board of Elections won’t charge the village to run the November elections, but they will charge to run the March elections. Earlier this year Fredonia residents voted to make the change. The vote was 738-21. That means less than 3 percent of Fredonia voters preferred a March vote. All villages should have November elections. That should include Forestville.