False hope came from quiet stance


Your “Newsmaker of the month” (Aug. 25) regarding Tri-County hospital brought to light the economic realities facing our small community. What mystifies me and thousands of others is the fact that the news about not rebuilding has been kept on the “down-low” for years.

I can handle bad news; what I won’t tolerate is failure to stand up and take responsibility for unpopular decisions, remaining silent for years on this issue (thereby providing false hope for Gowanda residents), and lack of transparency on the part of the organization running the hospital.

A lot of people want details regarding insurance and FEMA funds – how much was received and where was it spent? It’s been exactly four years since we lost our hospital; it should never have taken this long to acknowledge that it won’t be rebuilt.

We’re just now starting to hold meetings to determine the future medical facility – something that should have been up and running at least two years ago. Starting today, let’s make measurable progress toward this end, and stop putting up with further delays and sugar-coated excuses.



Attitudes change with the times


While generally agreeing with my friend Margaret Valone’s column, I take objection with her viewpoints on adolescent sexuality (Aug. 24).

I was an adolescent during the ’50s; our sexual attitudes were much the same as contemporary adolescents.

What is far different is the more accurate and positive viewpoint of today’s populace.

Most notable to me is the virtual ignoring of the hypocritical position of the medieval mentality of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy and other fundamentalist spirit-crushers.



Tank sign is cash down drain


The new water storage tank on Willowbrook Avenue is being painted. On the south side of the tank is a sign that says “City of Dunkirk.”

This must have cost money, hundreds of dollars, for something that can barely be seen from the Thruway. What are the Mayor and Council thinking?

They could have used this money to fix the huge potholes on Columbus Avenue or other streets in the city that really need repair.