Chris Cannon pursuing Arkwright Town Council seat

ARKWRIGHT – Chris-topher Cannon, who resides on Center Road in Ark-wright, is running for a position on the Arkwright Town Council in this year’s elections. He will be participating in the primary election being held Sept. 10 to decide the Republican and Inde-pendence endorsements for Arkwright Town Council.

Cannon is seeking one of the two town council seats that are on the ballot to be filled in this year’s election. While never holding public office before, he is familiar with town government. He has been a regular attendee of the town board meetings. He also had the opportunity to develop a great deal of understanding for government service from his grandfather, Earl Cardot, who was the Arkwright town supervisor for 36 years and served on the Chautauqua County Board of Supervisors. Cannon is seeking the Republican endorsement in the primary election and also the Independence endorsement as a write-in candidate on that ballot. He has received bipartisan support from the Democratic Party and also their endorsement.

Cannon has been a resident of the town for 35 years, while his wife, Sheila, and his daughter, Jessica, are lifelong residents. Cannon grew up in the Hudson Valley area of New York state and graduated from Pawling Central School. He attended the University of Maine, earning a degree in agricultural mechanical engineering, and Buffalo State College, where he received a degree in vocational education. Cannon worked at BOCES as a conservation educator for four years, operated the family dairy farm for 30 years and now currently raises hay and beef cows.

Cannon is pursuing the town council position be-cause he would like to raise public awareness of issues facing the town. He feels there needs to be more input from the public so sound decisions can be made in proceeding with town issues. He said he wants people to know there is an Arkwright Town Hall Building project taking place and most residents are unaware of the facts of the project.

“They need to know what’s going on with it and have a say in it,” Cannon said.

He invites the public to ask him questions and share opinions and concerns about the town while he conducts his campaign, but also to be actively involved with the future town board.