Teach responsibility to the younger generations

I wonder how many readers decided to get involved with making our communities better? I’d love to know what age groups got motivated. Did men think this program included them, too? Yes, it does! If you’re part of this community, then you are part of the program; you’re part of the solution or you’re part of the problem. Which will it be? The choice is yours!

After you read the column did you think of other areas we should get involved in? Please let me know. I need all the help I can get! Why do I care so much? The answer to that question is in the question. I care so much. We all should do our utmost until the very end. Remember there’s no such thing as failure; everything is a learning process. We either learn that we can or learn that we can’t and go from there.

This week I got a letter from Zero Population Growth. Did you know the U.S. has passed the 300 million mark and the world has passed the 7 billion mark? Yes, I said a billion with a B! We need a lot of natural resources to survive and thrive. There is a distribution problem too. Whose problem is it? Are we responsible for world population? Are we responsible for ourselves?

Now hear this: Our teen pregnancy rates are the highest in the developed world! Eight out of ten teen pregnancies are unintentional! What is that telling us? First of all, there is a lot of sexual activity going on among our teenagers and secondly, there’s a real danger of getting pregnant from that activity. It also shows the parents, the schools and the churches in our society aren’t doing a good job of making teenagers aware of the danger and problems they are exposing themselves to.

Teenagers, before you put yourselves in that dangerous position, have you imagined the repercussions of such a situation? Can you physically take care of a baby, meeting the baby’s most basic needs? Can you financially raise a child, paying for diapers, food, and other necessities? What will this new addition do to your life? To your education? It will be the end of your education! What about your personal dreams and goals? They’re gone!

And what about “the seed planter,” the biological father of your child? Would you like to spend the rest of your life with him? Do you want to count on him for child support? Do you want to be in and out of court with him? Sex is not love! Will he stay with you? Will he learn to love you and the baby? Maybe not. How will he help feed and take care of the baby? Look at his parents and siblings. Do you want them in your child’s life? Do you want your child to be like them? They may be a help; they may be a hindrance. Either way, you are stuck with all of them.

How about your family? Are you proud of them? They certainly messed up with you. They didn’t make sure to prevent this. Will they do better with the baby? Will they even help with the baby? They aren’t obligated to help you raise your child – you made the decision to create a baby and keep it. Just look at all the problems and complications this unwanted pregnancy can cause you.

We have left out one thing. Suppose you get pregnant and decide to abort the fetus. How would you feel about that for the rest of your life? Would it make you feel regretful or guilty? Abortion can’t “erase” a pregnancy from your mind and memories.

What if you have the child, and then give it up for adoption? Can you live with that? Will you always wonder about the child, and if you did the right thing?

No matter what you do after you become pregnant, there are consequences. Look at the problems you can save yourself by not getting involved physically! That is the only sure way to not become pregnant, and ensure that you are free to follow your dreams and goals. You may tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll be smart and use contraceptives.” Then where did all the unwanted babies come from? Men and boys: Don’t count on the females to be prepared. Girls and women: Don’t count on the males to take responsibility. You can only count on yourself.

We forgot to mention that sex can lead to diseases. We had a story of one local man who infected many of his partners.

So you see, people, young and old, there is so much to consider before you get involved with another person. Now let’s go back to our general thought. Remember, if you ask “Should I or shouldn’t I?,” you have already answered the question. The answer is don’t do it! Save yourself a lot of grief.

Parents, are you taking the time to teach your children? Teachers, I know you talk about planned parenthood, but can you mention all the alternatives? All the consequences? And churches, what are you saying to the young people? We all have responsibilities to our society and to our young people. Do right and have a good life!