Coverage concerns noted


This is for all veterans who have Medicare and Tricare. Please check your hospital and doctor bills, as you may have been charged for items that last year would have been covered by Tricare that are not covered this year.

This happened to my husband and me after we received bills from our doctor for a follow-up visit to him after I went to the ER for a medical issue.

Last year this would have been covered by Tricare. Upon investigation, we found out that Medicare changed some of their codes for billing at the beginning of this year. However, Tricare changed none of their codes so that when they receive a bill for service, they are refusing payment as they do not recognize the new codes that Medicare is using.

I contacted Rep. Tom Reed’s office and they are trying to get Tricare to correct the problem.

If you find that this happened to you, call Tom Reed’s office in Jamestown at 708-6369 and ask them to forward a “Privacy Release” form. Fill this form out and be sure to sign it.

Fax or send this form along with copies of the bills and an explanation of benefits from Medicare and Tricare to Rep. Tom Reed, Attn: Lee James, One Bluebird Square, Olean NY 14760 (Fax number is 716-806-1069).

So, I repeat, all veterans receiving Tricare and Medicare – check your medical bills to make sure that you are getting the medical coverage from Tricare that you were promised for your service in the military.


U.S. Navy retired



Region can reach potential


I have been a small business owner and manager in Chautauqua County for more than 60 years. I believe I can vouch for the majority of small businesses.

I support U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and state Sen. Cathy Young and their efforts to retain the Dunkirk power plant.

Electric power is the most important requirement for businesses and those seeking new business. Any type of increase would harm all of us trying to survive. The higher operation cost would definitely be a negative factor. It could be a deciding factor for those interested in starting a new business, which we definitely need.

I firmly believe that Western New York has great potential with our present resources, We have accessibility – Thruway, railroad availability – climate and manpower. We do need reasonable energy cost. I believe we do have a future.

The withdrawal of our present facility would definitely be a negative factor in our economy not only to the business directly but a ripple effect on everyone in our region.

We live in a very beautiful and select part of the country. But it can be become an unaffordable place to survive.


Silver Creek