Celebrating history in Dunkirk


As an interested party in the Battle of Lighthouse Point I would like to personally thank you for your articles in this publication. I have nothing but praise for the articles that were excellently written by your staff. I would now like to mention them by name: Mary Burns Deas, Greg Fox and Jimmy McCarthy.

Our hats off to these folks along with the Dunkirk Lighthouse staff and friends along with the Dunkirk Historical Society, re-enactors and the Lancaster Amateur Radio Club. With these individuals working as one, the event was successful for all. It was so successful that they decided to make this event a yearly event.

The second annual Battle at Lighthouse Point promises to be bigger and better than this year. Plans are in the works for additional food vendors, ships in the harbor, a possible beach battle, etc. With continued support we can make this event successful.

To get back to the articles written, I would like to point out some discrepancies. In the article “Heroines of war often forgotten,” the writer stated: “Today is the last day of the ‘Battle of Lighthouse Point’ Civil War Living History Camp and Re-enactment hosted by the Dunkirk Historical Lighthouse and Veterans’ Park Museum on the lighthouse grounds. Along with drills, a church service, church social, a battle scene and surrender, one scenario yet to be played out today includes the discovery of a woman in the ranks.”

This differs from the article “Civil War rages at Dunkirk Lighthouse Festival” which stated “After the re-enactment was the living history presentation, ‘Court Marshal.’ During the battle, it was discovered that a woman, played by (Jamie) Rocque, took part and fled from battle as she dropped her firearm and ran. In handcuffs, she was escorted to the court marshal where she presented her case. In the end, she was discharged. Also brought to the attention of the court marshal by the major was a problem of a drunken soldier. The drunken soldier, who was the husband of Rocque’s character, was ordered by the court marshal to face the firing squad.”

As you can see the discrepancy lies in the statement of a woman discovered in the ranks.

The discovery of a woman was made and is documented in the accompanying article pictures which shows the end result of the discover in the “Court Marshal” proceedings.

As the articles were excellently written and myself and others are not looking for vindication, just accuracy in the future. I would like to thank you and all others who made the event a success.

We are looking forward to working with you in our future endeavors.

Brian Teagarden is a Jamestown resident who participated in the re-enactment of the Battle of Lighthouse Point in Dunkirk.