Dunkirk: City agency keeps sinking

We must, once again, ask city of Dunkirk officials to end the charade and shell game.

Dunkirk Local Development Corp. is a part of city government, even though city officials have claimed – this and past administrations – that it is a separate entity. Consider these close connections the DLDC has with the city government:

Its staff is paid through city of Dunkirk payroll.

Its staff benefits are paid through the city.

The mayor is the chairman of the DLDC.

DLDC is often discussed at council meetings.

DLDC meetings are held in City Hall.

Finally, Mark Woods’ comment during the discussion of having the city of Dunkirk pay $50,000 on the DLDC loan for when it purchased the Bertges property, is the biggest indictment.

“(DLDC) is considered a component of the city government and that could, and most likely would, have a bad reflection on the city’s credit rating. … We enjoy very, very, low financing interest rates on any of the short-term borrowing that we’ve done,” said Woods, city treasurer. “That could have a bad reflection on that low rate.”

In recent years – right before the city’s and council’s eyes – the DLDC has become a mess. There is no plan. There is no progress. It exists because it is there.

That is no longer good enough.

The DLDC is an albatross. Why must taxpayers keep feeding it?