Reed’s position on U.S. involvement in Syria is consistent with local residents

Rep. Tom Reed’s position on Syria is in sync with the overwhelming majority of constituents in New York’s 23rd Congressional District and Reed says he will take those voices to Washington, where he plans to vote against a resolution authorizing United States military intervention in Syria.

“Residents of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes have made it clear that the United States should not get involved in the Syrian civil war and I agree,” Reed said. “We must focus on America’s national security, America’s best interests, and how we will get Americans back to work. These are the priorities we need to be focusing on.”

Reed took the debate over whether the United States should get involved in Syria directly to constituents by holding six listening sessions across the district gathering input and asking constituents to share their thoughts and concerns about U.S. involvement in Syria. The listening sessions drew large crowds with multiple international media outlets covering the sessions.

While the President is set to address the nation today, Reed says local residents have already made up their minds. “People do not understand what the President’s plan is and what his arguments are for going into Syria,” Reed said. “We’re lacking a compelling argument from our Commander-in-Chief.”

These kinds of listening sessions are not new to Rep. Reed. He has held more than 100 town halls since going to Washington. “It’s just how we operate,” Reed said. “Face-to-face conversations are the most direct way to engage people and we’ve always had positive feedback from the meetings. It’s just the right way to represent people.”

Rep. Reed continues his accessibility with town halls in four counties this weekend. Reed will be in Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, and Steuben counties Saturday for more town hall meetings. Visit for details on those town halls.