Special use permit granted with conditions

Tension filled the room recently at the second of two Pomfret Zoning Board of Appeals meetings.

Earlier, a session was held regarding Sidney Potmesil’s request for a building permit for a storage shed on Bear Lake Road in Stockton, but it was tabled for the purpose of conducting a site visit by members of the board.

The most debated issue was whether or not Potmesil adding a fence is a code violation or the right of a property owner for privacy. There are certain lake shore and residential regulations.

A few members of the public spoke during the meeting in opposition to the fence and Chairman Samuel Allesi reminded them it was “not a public forum.”

A building permit was previously denied and the purpose of the meeting was to review Potmesil’s application for an area variance and a special use permit.

Board member Ruth Eckstrom said, “Removing the current structure, I would go with the board on where they want the (new) building placed.”

The topic of the fence was not included in the final decision. All zoning board members except for one agreed to grant Potmesil a special use permit with conditions. An existing shed on the property must be removed and the new construction must follow size limitations.