Twenty years ago – 1993

Dunkirk Mayor Margaret Wuerstle has called for a special public meeting to discuss problems being experienced in the city’s First Ward. There have been numerous reports of criminal mischief throughout the summer, cases of elderly residents being harassed by young adults, and motorists being blocked by roving groups. Numerous reports of cult-type activities in the area is another ongoing concern.

Thirty years ago – 1983

This week’s People in Profile features Len Ensalaco, a Dunkirk barber for nearly 60 years now – a career which spans from childhood days of cleaning spittoons for 50 cents a week to “free haircut” days during the Depression to today’s modern hair salons. The longtime barber began working in a barber shop at 11 years old, helping with odd jobs for which he was paid $3 a week after three years. His current barbershop is on Lark Street, where it has been located for the past 27 years.

Forty years ago – 1973

Beginning next week, the Dunkirk city dump will be taken over by Chautauqua County, resulting in the city saving about $22,000 per month, according to figures obtained from the city engineer’s office.

Fifty years ago – 1963

The federal minimum wage went from $1.15 to $1.25 an hour, providing an estimated 2.6 million workers with pay increases ranging up to 10 cents an hour.