America: Remembering a dark day

Twelve years ago this morning, America was in chaos.

Attacks on New York City, the Pentagon and a plane crash in southwest Pennsylvania stunned our region, nation and the world. Today, we must take time to remember what happened on this day in 2001.

In our reflections, we took a look back on our editorial page on the day after – Sept. 12, 2001. In a newspaper filled with local reaction, mourning and plenty of prayer, our OBSERVER’s View offered this:

“But this Wednesday morning in America is different – the day dawned on a nation that is akin to the ferocious giant that was awakened by Pearl Harbor.

“There is a monumental difference though.

“Yesterday, thousands of Americans were murdered in America … by our faceless, and at this writing, nameless enemies.”

These attacks began a war on terror that continues today. Keep those serving our country, some who are featured today on Pages B9-10, in your prayers.

God bless us.