Lake Shore Hospital skilled maintenance workers reject unionization

IRVING – Another vote for unionization resulted in Lake Shore Hospital’s skilled maintenance workers declining representation.

A. Jack Davis, Vice President of Administrative Services, Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York, said the representation election that was held on Thursday was originally scheduled for both the Skilled Maintenance unit and the Business Office Clerical unit. However, a day earlier, the hospital was notified by the National Labor Relations Board that the union had withdrawn its petition for a representation vote for the Business Office Clerical unit, leaving the Skilled Maintenance unit as the only group considering the question of representation.

The skilled maintenance group rejected representation by 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East.

Davis said that the results are preliminary pending any objections filed by either party that might yet need to be resolved by the National Labor Relations Board. Davis stated he deeply valued the confidence of the employees in these units to work together with leadership in continuing to build a positive, engaged work culture that supports the hospital’s quality and service goals.

Davis expressed appreciation for the employees’ thoughtfulness and professionalism throughout the election, and for never losing sight of the hospital’s service mission throughout the election process.

Another vote for representation was held Aug. 29 for the service/maintenance, clerical and professional employees as well as LPNs. All groups except the LPNs approved representation by 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East. In 2009, RNs at Lake Shore voted against representation and in 2010 a petition was withdrawn for another unionization vote for RNs.