Petition calls for Forestville mayor to resign

FORESTVILLE – The Forestville Village Board contended with a barrage of comments from an audience of around 50 residents Tuesday.

At the start of the meeting resident Gary Belote presented the board with a petition with 200 signatures calling for Mayor Linda Aures resignation.

“This is signed by the taxpayers of the village. … You were voted into office by the taxpayers … with 120 votes. We have 200 signatures asking you to step down. The reasons why is because you are making poor decisions, you are not looking out for the welfare of this village and you didn’t follow the way things are done after an election because the usual way things are done is you appoint the people with fewer votes. Instead you brought in people that the village is sick about, people whose main objective is to do away with the village,” he said.

The board went on with meeting business and was interrupted several times by residents talking out of turn.

“The board meeting is for the board to discuss things. If we are interrupted again I will close the meeting,” Aures said, as she banged her gavel for order.

The board was disrupted several times after this with questions and comments that residents could not hear the board.

“I still cannot hear you,” a resident said. “I understand that people are talking and that’s not good but maybe you can get a microphone because we cannot hear you. They are not that expensive.”

Aures said she would look into a microphone.

Lorraine Hodkin said the board is “mumbling” like the previous board did.

“What you complained about as a trustee you are doing now as mayor. People voted for you because you were the best and now you are keeping us all out in the dark. This is ridiculous. … People voted for you because you were helping us. Now that you’re mayor, you don’t care about us,” she said.

Her comments caused two other residents to speak out of turn addressing her comments as a “personal attack” and “out of order.”

Despite the interruptions, the meeting was not closed, but Aures decided to skip the public comment portion of the meeting.

Residents stood and protested the action. They began talking to each other and some left.

With no board comments, Aures closed with her comments.

“I would like to encourage anyone with questions to contact me. If you hear rumors ask yourself why is this person saying these things? What is their agenda?” she said.

She was interrupted when she said the current board is not responsible for the decision to begin the water project, which was rebutted with “you are responsible for everything” and “If you don’t want the responsibility then step down for someone else.”

Aures continued, “We have no jurisdiction over the post office, over the school or over the fire hall. People are going door-to-door with propaganda, telling people all of these things,” she said as she was interrupted again.

Before the meeting was closed resident Edward Domenico managed to speak above the rest, complaining of a $450 water debt bill he received on Sept. 6 and is due Sept. 30. He said he receives his pension payment on Oct. 1 and asked that because the bills were sent late if there could be a grace period for the late payment.

Trustee Kevin Johnson proposed the board vote that the late fee be postponed until Oct. 8 and it was unanimously passed.

The next village board meeting will be held Sept. 24. The dissolution committee will meet today at 1 p.m. in the village hall.

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