Portland Bicentennial Contest winners announced

The Portland Bicentennial Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the various contests held at their recent festival.

Beard Contest: Kent Knappenberger, 1st Prize; Howard Malarkey, 2nd Prize; Henry Link, 3rd Prize.

Pie Contest: Emily Smith, 1st Prize; Charles Burton, 2nd Prize; Lola Kinney, 3rd Prize.

Karaoke Contest: Sara Ross, 1st place; Heather Pawlak, 2nd place; Dylan Carlson, 3rd place.

Garden Contest: Jerry and Elaine Bentham, 1st Prize; Kathy Peters, 2nd Prize; George and Judy Travis, 1st Prize Farm; Jody and Mike Johnston, committee’s pick.

Miss Portland: Mackenzie Evans, Jr. Miss Portland: Sophie Devlin, Lil’ Miss Portland: Brelynn Tressler, Tiny Miss Portland: Madison Sears.