Chautauqua County Board of Elections releases absentee ballot totals

MAYVILLE – The Chautauqua County Board of Elections has totaled unscanned ballots and affidavit ballots from Tuesday’s primary election.

Unscanned ballots that were attempted to be scanned at the polls on election day, but were not scannable, were accounted for by a bi-partisan team, audited by the board of elections and added to the election day totals Wednesday. There were two unscanned ballots from election night, one from Mina and one from Chautauqua.

Absentee ballots can be received until Tuesday and all ballots will be counted at that time.

District 18

Of 36 absentee ballots, 30 have been received. David L. Himelein unofficially won the Republican Party line by 31 votes on election night and Frederick C. Croscut could still win.

District 16

Ronald A. Lemon won the Republican line by 2 votes on Tuesday. As of Wednesday, only 14 of 44 absentee ballots have been obtained, leaving the chance for Tamera M. Downey to win still very possible.

District 5

Susan L. Baldwin won the Democratic line by 4 votes, but 14 of 25 absentee ballots have yet to be received.

Opponent Amy L. Farnham could still possibly win the primary.

District 7

There were zero absentee ballots mailed in District 7 where Thomas S. DeJoe won the Working Families line for county legislator with 5 of 8 votes.


Brian T. Anderson won the Republican line for Highway Superintendent with 136 votes. While Anderson is unofficially still in the lead by 18 votes, there are 55 absentee ballots yet to be considered, 25 of which still have not been received. Mark A. Risley could win by a close call.


Unofficial results showed Mark A. Cunningham easily won the Republican Party primary vote for Stockton Town Justice by 85 votes. Five absentee ballots have yet to be counted, leaving his victory untouched.

For the Conservative line, Cunningham defeated Jeffrey A. Shevlin by 7 votes. One absentee ballot has yet to be counted leaving Cunningham’s win unaffected.

As for the Independence Party line, the race is too close to call. Cunningham currently leads Shevlin by 7 votes to 6 with one absentee ballot yet to be officially counted by the County Board of Elections.


Three absentee ballots were received for Arkwright, but Clinton H. Nagel received 62 votes while Christopher C. Cannon received 61, making both victorious for the Republican line for two town council seats.

For the Independence Party primary, both Nagel and Ball received 11 votes for their two seats and 9 votes were cast for an unidentified write-in candidate. Only 1 absentee ballot was mailed.


Ronald L. Delcamp won the Independence Party line for Highway Superintendent. Delcamp received 14 votes while his opponent Charles E. Kelley Jr. had nine votes.

There were zero absentee ballots mailed in Portland.