Forestville school board welcomes new hires

FORESTVILLE – Forestville Board of Education members had the opportunity to meet two of the district’s new hires from the middle/high school recently.

Middle/High School Principal Patrick Moses said there are five new teachers out of 26 in the middle/high school and he is looking forward to what they will bring to the school.

“I am excited about what they will bring to students, but also what they can bring to the staff,” he said.

Superintendent Charles Leichner said in meeting with the new staff he was very impressed with their knowledge of how students learn.

English teacher Brianne Katilus and special education teacher Lisa Emke attended the meeting.

Katilus, who previously worked at Southwestern Central School, said she was impressed with how prepared the students were on the first day.

Moses said the seventh- and ninth-grade orientations helped the students feel confident about things like where to go for class and how to open a combination lock.

Katilus told the board she will be piloting the common core standards in her class this year.

Emke, who will be teaching AIS math said she intends to target students’ weaknesses to help them get on track.

Elementary School Principal Daniel Grande added the district has about half of the common core English materials from the BOCES print shop and expects to have the rest by the end of fall. He said the implementation of the common core in math is not as far along.

He said he attended workshops over the summer on the common core including a webinar on how to explain the new standards to parents.

The board increased special education teacher Carli Wright to 1.0 FTE after the position was declined by the person on the preferred eligibility list.

The board also accepted the resignation of English teacher Michael Borrello and appointed Katilus to the seventh-grade position.

The resignation of social studies teacher Jennifer Moscato was also approved and Rachel Elersic Henry was appointed to the position.

Adrianna Echevarria and Renee Wittnebrook were appointed as certified substitutes.

The board approved Dana Manza and Laura Ramos as social work interns from SUNY Fredonia.

The board approved an action to make Athletic Director Scott Hazelton the emergency coach for all sports.

Ann Wooley, Craig Briggs and Amy Rebmann were appointed as volunteer marching band assistants.

The board approved entering into contracts with Children’s Educational Services Inc. for $7,488 for physical therapy services and Sherman Bailey for $13,681 for snow removal.

The board also approved expenditures for $2,400 for tree removal, $3,629 for elevator maintenance, $3,600 for fire alarm inspections, $7,250 and $36,500 for food products. Items were also declared surplus.

Board Member Amy Drozdziel reported contacting JCC about holding supervisory courses for staff and the possibility of opening it up to share with other districts.

Board Member Bruce Ellis reported that the clergy focus group has sponsored a trip for seventh graders to go through a ropes course and camp at Houghton College as part of the groups goal to support families for student success. Leichner said he thinks it will be a great character building experience for students and foster friendships in the class.

Leichner also reported arranging a college financial planning event in mid-October for area parents. He said parents from outside Forestville are welcome and elementary school is not too early to start planning, nor is high school too late.

The next board of education meeting will be held Oct. 3.

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