Silver Creek hires code officer

SILVER CREEK – Silver Creek will have its own code enforcement officer after a recent appointment was approved by the village board.

The board named Linda DeFries as code enforcement officer effective Sept. 3, a position she used to hold with the town of Hanover.

The action specified the position is for 12 hours per week at a rate of $20 per hour with a $0.45 per mile reimbursement.

“Will the permit and inspection fees offset her salary?” Trustee Tom Harmon asked, saying he is concerned there is not much money left in the code enforcement budget line.

Mayor Nick Piccolo said it would offset her salary somewhat. Trustee Warren Kelly said the fee schedule for permits and inspections should probably be revised, since this has not been done in many years.

The board unanimously approved the appointment, with Ben Peters absent due to deployment overseas.

Earlier in the year the town of Hanover notified the villages of Silver Creek and Forestville that the code enforcement agreement, where the town provided the service to the villages, would have to be reconsidered. Since then the town has given the villages an extension to find zoning officers.

At the Aug. 5 meeting, the village board unanimously approved the appointment of James DeJoe as zoning officer at an annual salary of $3,000 with $0.45 per mile reimbursement. DeJoe also serves several other municipalities in the same capacity.

It was said at the time DeJoe would work with Hanover Code Officer Tom Gould and take the burden of zoning off Gould so he could focus on code enforcement. However, the village was later told Gould would not have time to do inspections in the village.

Kelly explained DeFries will do fire and rental inspections, which have not been done for many years in the village, and DeJoe will enforce local zoning violations. He reported DeJoe has already started sending letters and issuing citations for issues like unmowed grass.

The village received support from the state for the appointment, which encouraged the village to get caught up on inspections. Trustee Anthony Pearl said he also supported the action for this reason.

The board will meet again Sept. 16.