New business utilizes old remedy

A new business in Western New York called Seneca Salve utilizes the healing qualities of herbs in its product.

For generations, Native Americans across the United States have been using natural herbs to heal all sorts of aches, pains, and illnesses. Herbs have long been used in natural remedies, based on Native American beliefs of healthy living. In fact, many pharmaceutical remedies today originated from natural herbs and plants.

Seneca Herbal Black Salve, manufactured by the family owned and operated business, is an authentic herbal healing salve that was developed on the Seneca-Allegany Indian Reservation. More than 50 years ago, a Hawk Clan Mother known as Gayanose created this salve. Gayanose, meaning “one who lays the tracks,” was a renowned herbalist of the Seneca Nation. She authored various books and pamphlets on local herbs and their uses. She firmly believed in the beneficial healing powers of herbs, and she put her knowledge together to form a remarkable product.

Seneca Herbal Black Salve harnesses the natural healing powers of herbs in order to:

Heal open sores and skin ulcers caused from Diabetes, Sebaceous Dermatitis, and other skin conditions.

Soothe skin rashes caused from diapers and allergic reactions.

Heal minor cuts and burns.

Help with eczema and scaly skin diseases.

Draw irritants, such as slivers, metal shavings, and glass particles, out of the skin.

Lou Swanson, RN, is the brother of the owner. He has his own success story after using Seneca Herbal Black Salve.

This past summer, he was involved in a motorcycle accident with a deer. Among other injuries, Swanson was left with severely cut-up knees. He decided to use the homemade salve on his injuries, which yielded wonderful results.

“Soon after applying the salve to my knees, granulation tissue (new skin growth) started to form on the cuts,” Swanson said. He also commented that throughout the weeks treating the injuries with the salve, “the cuts never scabbed up, and, consequently, there was minimal scarring.”

Seneca Salve can be found online at The salve can be purchased online or by calling (716) 640-7453. Seneca Salve is based in Jamestown.