Our Lady of Fatima Society meets

The Our Lady of Fatima Society of Blessed Mary Angela Parish met recently in the St. Hyacinth’s Lyceum.

Members discussed several issues. Results were given from the September fundraiser. Linda Kuzara announced that there will be a parish chicken barbecue on Jan. 26, 2014. The Holy Name and Rosary societies will sponsor the dinner. The Fatima ladies were asked to make desserts and to help with the dinner.

The Rev. Matt Nycz addressed the ladies and told them about many events that will be held in the parish. During the weekend of Oct. 10-13 a celebration will be held for the Feast Day of Blessed Mary Angela and the formation of the parish. More information will be shared later.

News of a new ministry in the parish was also shared. Sister Cynthia Kilian has a prayer line for Blessed Mary Angela. People may call and pray with Sister Kilian.

Anyone interested in joining the parish council is asked to call Father Matt.

Much thanks was given to Debby and Carl Waclawski for tending to the flowers at the Fatima Shrine on the Pangolin Street side of St. Hyacinth’s.

Society members were reminded that meetings take place on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. If it is not in the bulletin or if someone is unsure of the correct time or date, call one of the officers.

The next Fatima Mass and prayers will be Saturday, Oct. 5. The next meeting is Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Polly Newman and Audrey Julian served the refreshments.

Newman won the attendance prize.