Progress taking shape on flood damage in Brocton

BROCTON – Village leaders in Brocton are busy weighing their options on damage that took place on municipal properties during July’s flash floods.

Mayor Dave Hazelton reported at the board meeting that up to four areas of concern exist, but that only three will possibly get reimbursed by FEMA.

“The first area of concern is the portion of Ellicott Road near the Ellicott Estates Trailer Park where there was an exposed water line. Both at the reservoir and the watershed properties, roadways were washed out. The reservoir and the water line exposure near the trailer park may be funded, but since the roadways at the watershed property are not public roads, FEMA may not fund that. The fourth area is a section of sluice pipe on Chautauqua Road that suffered damage. We first thought that it belonged to the Town of Pomfret, but it actually does belong to us and was originally put in during the 1980’s,” reported the mayor.

Hazelton asked the board to approve a resolution for consulting engineer Rex Tolman to advise the village on the reservoir property’s needs as well as the sluice pipe on Chautauqua Road.

He also reported to his trustees that a recommendation was made by Dave Spann who is handling timbering at the watershed property for the village to invest in bulldozing the affected roadways to restore them to their original condition and then to have waterways cut through the existing roads to provide adequate drainage.

“According to what we show, there are monies in the timber sales to do what Mr. Spann has recommended,” added Hazelton.

Members of the board approved measures for Tolman Engineering to advise the village about possible dredging at the reservoir and the culvert work to be done at Chautauqua Road. After they have been advised, the mayor noted the board will seek a formal cost estimate for the work that is recommended. Board members also resolved to accept the recommendation to bulldoze at the watershed property with an effort to be made to tackle the job through a shared service agreement with Chautauqua County.

In a follow-up interview, the mayor noted the board met with FEMA and county officials regarding the two sites that need to be reviewed with their engineer. “We’re just waiting for guidance on those jobs. The exposed water line work near the trailer park will be a priority as we can’t let that go through winter. The water line itself had been exposed, and is currently covered up, and although the water line is fully operational it still isn’t completely repaired. We need to continue to repair it and get it fully protected from the elements before winter,” he said.

The board will meet again on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

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