4-H dog program members show well at State Fair

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County’s 4-H Dog Advisory Committee and leaders are proud of the excellent representation of the 18 Dog Program members and 23 Dogs at the 2013 Great New York State Fair on Aug, 28 and 29.

Receiving the highest achievement of Grand Champion was Cristen Lookenhouse with Buddy, her Yellow Lab, in Obedience Novice B Class.

Members competed with the best in the state. Some classes had over 40 competitors. Handlers were awarded one of the following: White ribbons for being worthy or fair, a red for doing well, a blue ribbon for an excellent showing or the most coveted purple ribbons for reserve and grand champion.

Awards were as follows:

Obedience classes: Beginner Novice A: Kyle Hungerford (Spring Creek, PA) with Scout, Blue: Mathew Levan (Dunkirk) with Lee, Red. Beginner Novice B: Abigail Little (Gerry) with Sadie, White; Logan Holthouse (Clymer) with Jake, White. Graduate Beginners A: Dalton Holthouse (Clymer) with Smeagles, White; Rebekah Anderson (Sherman) with Katie, White. Graduate Beginners B: Danielle Yotpolis (Clymer) with Lilly, Blue (top 10 finish); Chance Meeder (Sherman) with Bailey, Blue; Hannah Hornyak (Jamestown) with Winn Dixie, White; Novice A: Taylor Young (Panama) with Lilly, White; Novice B: Cristen Lookenhouse (Ripley) with Buddy, Grand Champion; Danielle Yotpolis (Clymer) with Buddy, White. Advanced Novice: Kayla Nefedov (Randolph) with Lily, Blue (4th Place); Rebekah Anderson (Sherman) with Toby, Red; Hewitt Meeder (Sherman) with Boe, Red. Brace (obedience with two dogs and one handler) Elise Schack (Bemus Point) with Tucker and Bella, Blue (3rd Place);Hewitt Meeder (Sherman) with Boe and Bailey, White. Four-Person Team: Cristen Lookenhouse (Ripley) with Buddy, Taylor Young (Panama) with Lilly, Danielle Yotpolis (Clymer) with Lilly, and Megan Clark (Panama) with Molly, Red.

Agility PreNovice (Performed off Lead): Kayla Nefedov (Randolph) with Lily, Red; Elise Schack (Bemus Point) with Slater,White; Danielle Einfeldt (Ripley) with Ziggy, White. Agility Novice (Performed off Lead): Hannah Hornyak (Jamestown) with Winn Dixie, Red; Taylor Young (Panama) with Lilly, Red; Nicole Schack (Bemus Point) with Bella, White; Agility Open (Performed off Lead): Megan Clark (Panama) with Molly, Red; Agility Excellent: Elise Schack (Bemus Point) with Tucker, White; Hewitt Meeder (Sherman) with Boe, White.

Grooming and Handling Open A: Abigail Little (Gerry) with Sadie, Blue; Hannah Hornyak (Jamestown) with Winn Dixie, Blue; Grooming and Handling Open B Jr. (ages 8-13 yrs old): Maggie Jones (Fredonia) with Honey,Blue (top 10); Logan Holthouse (Clymer) with Jake, Red. Grooming and Handling Open B Sr. (ages 14-18 yrs old): Taylor Young (Panama) with Lilly, Blue(top 10). Grooming and Handling Open C: Megan Clark (Panama) with Molly,Blue (3rd Place); Danielle Yotpolis (Clymer) with Buddy, Red; Kayla Nefedov (Randolph) with Lilly, Red.

Rally Obedience Novice A (on Lead): Kyle Hungerford (Spring Creek, PA) with Scout, Red; Logan Holthouse (Clymer) with Jake, Red; Rally Obedience Novice B (on Lead): Cristen Lookenhouse (Ripley) with Liberty, Blue (top 10); Meghan Hiller (Jamestown) with Mazie, Blue (top 10); Danielle Einfeldt (Ripley) with Ziggy, Red. Rally Advanced Novice (off Lead): Taylor Young (Jamestown) with Lilly, Red; Danielle Yotpolis (Clymer) with Buddy, Red; Maggie Jones (Fredonia) with Mia, White. Rally Obedience Excellent (off Lead): Megan Clark (Panama) with Molly, Blue (3rd place); Cristen Lookenhouse (Ripley) with Buddy,Red; Hewitt Meeder (Sherman) with Boe, Red.

These county champs have worked hard training weekly and have excelled at their own County Shows held at 4-H Acres in Stockton. Participants are selected to attend the State Fair based on their show scores at a county level. No matter what color ribbon they receive, they have done a wonderful job.

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