Park’s appearance appreciated


I have had the pleasure of walks through Russell Joy Park over the summer. It is well used and enjoyed by many residents. The park has been well maintained and garbage pickup has been timely.

In difficult times of budget choices it’s nice to see attention paid to this wonderful place.

Congratulations to village employees for diligence in maintaining the park’s appearance.



Stay out

of Syria mess


It seems to me that chaos in Syria is the perfect situation for the United Nations to step into – instead of the good old U.S. of A. It’s not our place to step into every international flare-up that occurs, especially in the Middle East.

Our politicians are ready to send us into another rat-hole by way of another undeclared war. It’s none of our business how other countries decide to manage (or mis-manage) their affairs, and it’s time for us to inform our leaders that we won’t tolerate this nonsense any longer.

At least two things need to occur in order for America to finally extract itself from this volatile area of the planet: to finally develop alternative friendly sources of oil, and to grow a backbone to stand up to the powerful Israeli lobby in this country. (It’s amazing to me how we cave into their demands and end up fighting wars for them all over the Middle East). Since neither of those things will ever take place, get ready to sacrifice the futures of our children and grandchildren.

When we get drawn into this mess, we will continue our decline as a nation, and we will pay a very dear price. We cannot afford to waste valuable lives and resources trying to get uncivilized countries to behave the way we think they should.



Reed decided before talks


I am surprised and disappointed that our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed, made up his mind about the Syrian crisis before he had all the facts, seen the evidence, or participated in discussions with the State Department.

I would hope that my representative would want as much information as possible before making such an important decision.


Penn Yan