Candidate keep pushing ahead


I would like this time to thank everyone who signed my petitions on both the Independent and Independence lines. Even though I fell short on the number of signatures to be in a primary and general election, I am still seeking the office of county executive as a write-in candidate.

I met many hundreds of people out there who agree with me on what I stand for and believe in. We are a county of great working people who are like myself and my wife.

A major reason why many don’t know me is the simple fact that I am not a career politician, nor have held any public office, in which many have said is a good thing.

I am originally from the town of Portland and moved here to Jamestown two years ago. I am married to an awesome wife, Tammy, and we have a 16-month-old daughter, Madison. I also have a great stepdaughter, Danielle, a daughter, Courtney Smith of Lebanon, Pa., and a son, Thomas of Dunkirk.

I have served in the U.S. Army from March 1989 to August 1996 as a fuel handler. Some of the accomplishments I have include being a member of 4-H in 1983 and 1984 and also helping volunteer in the reality TV show “Extreme Home Makeover” when they helped the Powell family in Buffalo.

I believe in returning common sense back into our county government, which includes a smaller but a lot more efficiently run government. A declining population shouldn’t mean a bigger government. This will lower our county tax rate and attract more employers and jobs back into our area.

Again, thank you all for signing my petitions and I am asking for your support as a write-in candidate for county executive in November.