Schools: Sharing plan moves ahead

A model arrangement in the south county is worth watching.

Last week, Panama schools Superintendent Bert Lictus was approved – in a joint meeting – to hold the same position in the Clymer district. It is another example of educational institutions sharing services and personnel to cut costs in their districts.

“I’m excited to begin this opportunity to serve both communities as superintendent,” Lictus said. “This situation is unique, and I applaud the representatives from both schools for looking locally to solve problems – Albany does not have all the answers. It is my hope that this sharing arrangement will open the door to other efficiencies within the two districts.”

Combined, enrollment is close to 1,000 students for both districts. Is one superintendent able to handle a district that large?

Of course. Though most Chautauqua County schools are under 1,000 students, the education programs in these smaller schools are suffering. This efficiency between Panama and Clymer will save both districts about $60,000 each.

Those savings may translate to other opportunities for the educational programs. In the end, that is a win for the community, students and parents.