Pomfret enacts two local laws


OBSERVER Staff Writer

Two new local laws are on the books in the town of Pomfret as of Wednesday’s town board meeting.

The first of the two local laws allows for the board to override the New York state property tax cap for next year’s budget if the need arises.

Councilman David Penharlow was the only one to vote against the matter after previously voicing concerns about the timing of the override.

“I still don’t like the idea of acting on that before you have the first budget hearing,” Penharlow said at a previous meeting. “You know, let’s have a discussion of the budget before we vote to exceed the cap.”

Now that the town has voted to override the tax cap, no penalties will be incurred if the cap is exceeded when the 2014 budget is adopted.

The second local law allows for a cross-connection backflow prevention system with the village of Fredonia. This applies to all water districts within the town. The law was necessary in order to comply with requirements of the New York state sanitary code, as well as the water purchase contract between Pomfret and Fredonia.

“We have to put it into effect because it’s required that we do this,” Supervisor Donald Steger said. “We should have done this prior (to installing new backflow preventers).”

Also as part of the meeting, a resolution was approved requesting the county address the issue of hydrofracking. The resolution asks the county to draft legislation that will prevent damage to the local environment either as a result of the act of hydrofracking or transporting wastewater from any hydrofracked wells across the county.

Penharlow and Councilwoman Ann Eckman voted “nay” on the matter.

The board also granted approval to Town Clerk Allison Dispense to update names, phone numbers and any other necessary information on the town website. Eckman suggested the website needed to be updated, which led to the approval.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Oct. 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the town hall.

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