Silver Creek board picks up the bill


OBSERVER Assistant News Editor

SILVER CREEK – Although board members were hesitant, the board approved paying a bill for alleged damage to a resident’s basement.

One of the topics at the Silver Creek Village Board meeting that was debated was whether the village should pick up the $437 for damage to a LaFayette Street resident’s basement.

According to Mayor Nick Piccolo, he spoke with Desiree Coon who says when the village had a hydrant put in, her basement flooded causing $3,800 to her basement and hot water heater.

Water Supervisor Herm Griewisch said the day she said the damage occurred the village was not putting in the hydrant but the contractor was putting in the water line for the hydrant.

Coon has asked that the village pay for the deductible and plumber’s fee not covered by her insurance.

Piccolo said it would be better for the village to pay this than risk having to deal with the insurance company’s lawyers.

Trustee Tom Harmon asked whose fault it is that the basement flooded. Piccolo said he does not want to point fingers.

Trustee Warren Kelly asked Attorney Dan Gard what he thought of the situation. Gard said he didn’t know enough about the situation.

Clerk Kerrieann Pelletter said Coon has not submitted an insurance claim to the clerk’s office. Piccolo said this is because she spoke with him and has agreed to not submit a claim if the village pays the $437.

“I feel obligated because somewhere along the line the village is at fault,” Piccolo added.

When it came time for the board members to call the motion before the board, the trustees hesitated. Piccolo reminded them that paying the $437 would be better than to risk dealing with insurance company’s lawyer’s “shady tricks.”

Eventually Trustee Anthony Pearl and Harmon allowed the action to be heard and they cast affirmative votes. Kelly abstained, which initiated a vote from Piccolo in Trustee Ben Peters absence for deployment. Piccolo also voted to approved the measure and it was passed.

After the meeting Kelly explained that he did not feel comfortable voting on something he did not have any information on.

“I felt that I didn’t have enough information to review prior to the meeting. So, I felt I couldn’t make a decision. … I would have preferred we tabled it until more discussion was done and more written information was provided,” he said.

The board also received reports.

Griewisch reported that phase II of the waterline replacement project is completed except for landscaping touchups. For phase III of the project, lines on Karen Drive and Crandall Avenue are done and should be ready for service hookups next week. He said after that the contractor will move on to Babcock Avenue.

Kelly said letters will be going out to downtown businesses to schedule inspections to make sure storm water is not going into the sanitary sewer.

Harmon reported on attending the New York Conference of Mayors conference last week with Piccolo, Kelly, Pelletter and Treasurer Janet St. George. He said they were able to attend many workshops on municipal issues and gain new ideas for issues from other elected officials.

Piccolo said he spoke with a party interested in the Petri factory. He also said the building previously holding Uncle Sam’s Unlimited was issued a permit to remodel the building to be a pizza restaurant.

He also encouraged everyone to attend the Festival of Grapes this Thursday to Sunday.

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