Brooks Memorial Hospital

A daughter, Livianna Josephine Cersosimo, was born Sept. 6, 2013 to Jessica Wappat and Brian Cersosimo of Jamestown.

A daughter, Aurora Skye, was born Sept. 9, 2013 to Tabitha (Foster) and Gregory Maring of Westfield.

A son, Bryson Carter Peterson, was born Sept. 10, 2013 to Brittany Louise Peterson.

A son, Peter Allen Robert Halas, was born Sept. 12, 2013 to Maranda Hayden and Riley Halas of Fredonia.

A son, Emmitt Scott Cassety, was born Sept. 12, 2013 to Emily Walker and Franklin Cassety of Sherman.

A son, Owen Ryan Nykula, was born Sept. 12, 2013 to Heather Tomsick and Zachary Nykula of Fredonia.