NCD group announces 2013 Best Vegetable Garden winner

The vegetable garden of Bud Woloszyn, 10 Middlesex Drive, Fredonia, has been selected as the winning entry for the Northern Chautauqua Discoveries Fredonia’s Best Vegetable Garden Contest.

Woloszyn’s garden was lush and well laid out in the space allotted for the garden. Some of the plants in his garden included various tomato plants, several variety of brightly colored peppers, zucchini, melon, broccoli, corn, cucumber, grapes and various berry bushes. Woloszyn said that the local wildlife including deer and squirrels had been nibbling at his garden a bit this year, but that despite their efforts and the less than ideal weather conditions he was pleased with the way the garden had matured.

When asked what his secret was to producing such a lush and healthy garden he replied simply “horse manure”. He informed the NCD group that he’s been working at his garden going on 18 years and over time has learned that adding a healthy amount of the manure at the start of the season to the soil and tilling it in well has helped him to maintain and grow such a healthy and bountiful garden over the years. Woloszyn, along with last month’s NCD Group Flower Garden winners, were each presented gift baskets filled with a variety of handy items for the gardening enthusiast generously donated by Fredonia Hardware, Fresh and Fancy Flowers, John Krupinski,Rosemary Mancuso and Mary Jane Starks.

At the August meeting of the Northern Chautauqua Discoveries Group, the co-chairpersons and the volunteers of the organization made the decision to dissolve the group. Margaret Valone, one of the Co-Chairs and the woman that initially came up with the idea and drew the volunteer group together about a year ago, was grateful to the volunteers for their support and was saddened to see the group end. She stated that the realization by all the members that there just wasn’t enough volunteers to keep the group going and with a lack of financial resources that maybe it was time to focus the volunteers’ efforts, time and talents towards some of the other groups in the area that had similar ideas about promoting Northern Chautauqua County and could use their help and support. The garden contests will still take place next summer, but will be hosted by Festivals Fredonia, Inc. and be incorporated as part of its Fredonia History Day’s Festival.