Five “Fredonians” honored with Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence has been awarded to five SUNY Fredonia employees: Robyn Reger, Gregory Snow, Dr. Jeanette McVicker, Daniel Ihasz and Laurie Ensign

Reger, who was hired in 2001, received the award for excellence in the classified service. Her current position is Secretary 1 in administration. She has also served in the payroll and human resources offices. Regier is known to be a quick learner and self-starter. Her friendliness and outgoing personality have been assets wherever she’s worked.

Extra duties have included membership on the Sustainability Committee, Parking Committee, and Administration Division Awards Committee, the Maytum Hall Relocation Task Force, which arranged for the relocation of over 90 professional staff, and the Williams Center Relocation Task Force.

She served on search committees for Faculty Student Association Executive Director, Budget Director and Communications Designer, and provided professional clerical support to other search committees.

Reger exemplifies the “spirit of Fredonia. She coordinates Administration Division donations to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Roswell Park’s Rockin’ the Commons fundraisers, and facilitates her division’s “adoption” of a needy family at Christmas.

She is a past recipient of the Barbara Saletta Meritorious Service Award (2012) and the Outstanding Administrative Service Award in the secretarial/clerical category (2011).

Snow, who has worked for Fredonia since 1997, is currently an instructional support associate within the department of Information Technology Services, received an excellence in professional service award.

With nearly 40 years of experience in audio engineering, Snow is the campus specialist in audio technology, multimedia systems engineering and electronic maintenance of analog electronic systems. He also is chief operator for WCVF, advisor to Fredonia Radio Systems and Sound Services, and adjunct instructor in the Sound Recording Technology program.

Snow was responsible for rewiring the aging cable system infrastructure in Thompson and McEwen Halls, Fredonia Radio Systems’ Production Room, the Youngerman Center’s Closed Circuit Television System, the Williams Center, smart classroom console teacher stations and the Communication Department’s radio lab. Every commencement he is in charge of setting up, calibrating, mixing and processing audio equipment. He also played a significant role in the design and construction of the Mason Hall sound recording Technology studio.

Snow has served on numerous campus committees, including Classroom Technology, School of Music Technology, Mason Rehearsal Room Design, Media Advisory Council, Commencement Planning, Sound Recording Technology Director Search and Multimedia Specialist Search. He is the founder and scholarship chair of the Music Technology Award.

McVicker, a professor of English who came to Fredonia in 1988, received her award for excellence in teaching.

Life-changing and deeply emotional are adjectives that students use to describe effects that her classes have on them. She is known as a firm, stern, but approachable, kind and caring professor who instills a desire to read and think. Known for her scholarship, McVicker can inspire and challenge her students in their own scholarly work.

McVicker has served as director of the Women’s Studies program, helped establish the interdisciplinary minor of Journalism and, more recently, spearheaded the effort to define Fredonia’s baccalaureate learning goals. She has also served on the General Education Committee, Interdisciplinary Studies Council, University Senate, and numerous curricular committees, including coordinator for an Interdisciplinary Program in Journalism. She has been the graduate coordinator in the English Department since 2008, and previously served as chairwoman and associate chairwoman.

Daniel Ihasz, a professor of music joined the music department in 1992, received his award for excellence in teaching. His area is vocal music.

Students benefit from the range of his knowledge of repertoire and style which allows them to offer a broad musical palette at recitals and concerts. In recent years, Ihasz, has been engaged in innovative team teaching in vocal study with his colleagues, providing models for alternate male and female voices and sharing individual experiences on developing technique and artistry. Students, in turn, learn more quickly and with a deeper understanding of technique and artistry.

Ihasz’s former students have achieved success in competitions, been accepted into highly competitive young artist programs and leading graduate schools, and earned leading roles in professional opera and musical theater. By observing an “open door” policy at his voice studio, he spends countless hours speaking with students on a variety of topics.

Ihasz, has served on virtually all of the music department committees. He has served as a member of University Senate, the Distinguished Professorship Committee and been a mentor to faculty and former students.

Ihasz has been engaged in the administration of the voice area as chairman or co-chairmain for nearly 170 voice majors. He produced the Voice Faculty Gala to raise money for scholarships and served as a leader for the National Association of Teachers of Singing, serving as governor of New York State for the Northeastern region and past president of the Central New York Finger Lakes chapter.

Ensign, who joined SUNY Fredonia in 1988, has been recognized for excellence in professional service.

She currently serves as Assistant Director of Human Resources for Employee Benefits. She has displayed leadership skills in her role of informing the campus about updates in benefits. Methods that she has utilized include benefits fairs as well as small-group presentations and individual meetings.

She provides exceptional customer service to potential, current and retired employees. Ensign is, quite simply, the “go-to-person” for health and retirement benefit assistance. In her role as Employee Assistance Program (EAP) coordinator, Ensign promotes wellness across the campus and raises the visibility of EAP. She has led numerous wellness initiatives, including the popular EAP Wellness Fair held every year.

Ensign also serves on several campus committees, such as the Student Affairs Judicial Board, SUNY Fredonia Federal Credit Union Board, Chautauqua Leadership Board, Fredonia Diversity Sub-committee and the Campus and Community Children’s Center Board of Directors.