IDA left village in the dark


Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Agency held a public hearing in Ellicottville in regard to the vacated Burger King building in Gowanda.

Notice of the hearing was published in the Salamanca and Olean newspapers. Neither paper is on our local newsstands. According to the minutes of that hearing, private developer Sam Savarino stated the building has been vacant for 14 years but the truth is the building was vacated in 2009 and is not decrepit.

His plan is to demolish and rebuild. His application for a tax abatement was successful with no Gowanda resident attending to challenge his intent.

This isn’t right that the Cattaraugus County IDA didn’t publish in the newspapers serving the Gowanda area.



Nothing to gain with Syria


With all the large forest fires lately, has anyone heard of a case where the firefighters tried using flame-throwers to put out the fires? No. But this is what our government would be doing with a missile strike against Syria.

1. The United Nations made it clear that our unsanctioned attack would be illegal. How can our politicians claim to be defending international law when the world knows our government has no regard for it themselves?

2. If you ask all the dead bodies, I don’t imagine they’ll express much preference between our bombs and their chemicals.

3. Acts of retaliation will obviously be forthcoming from such an attack, and then there will be escalation in dealing with it. Especially if Iran gets involved, the world will see this as the primary intention and purpose of the attack.

4. Military spending is devastating our economy to the extent that we will not see recovery in our lifetimes and it will only get worse with this type of government.

To sum up, this missile attack is illegal, immoral, devious and unaffordable. We need to radically change our government, or if we can’t, as in World War II Germany, other nations will need to change it for us.

Since so much of our manufacturing and money is overseas, and we are so dependent on trade and foreign money, an economic alliance against us could force us into unconditional surrender without anybody firing a single bullet.