Sinking city losing its way

A thriving business makes money. A not-so thriving government keeps taking money. In addition, the not-so thriving municipality makes it tough on business while doing no business of its own.

If you guessed this entity is the city of Dunkirk, you are correct.

Last week, council members tabled a resolution regarding the Chadwick Bay Marina. Those who were against tabling the resolution, we must note, are council members who have jobs in the private sector. Those voting on the tabling, however, are not in the private sector and appear to be part of the “big brother” generation.

What brought on the resolution is a change in the ownership, as the former marina partnership has separated. In what normally is something that happens behind the scenes and hardly ever makes print, it became public because it is, unfortunately, tied to the city of Dunkirk.

Yes, the city that is currently fumbling and bumbling when it comes to any sort of development plan or vision for the future.

Anyone who has seen the marina – or has a boat there – knows the improvements that have taken place over the last two summers. At a recent Erie and Chautauqua county event promoting fishing, boat captains and local officials took time to praise those changes.

Leave it to the city leaders to give the facility and its owners a bad knock by not approving a simple resolution and making it out to be a bigger deal than it is.

But that is how government continues to run in Dunkirk. Leaders, even in the 21st century, do not trust any type of non-city government investment. That attitude is why the city is paying on a loan for a piece of property assessed at $250,000 that was bought for $762,000. It is why the city makes developers go through hoops – Brooks Memorial Hospital’s new parking lot – to get things done.

Council has scheduled a meeting on Monday to again discuss – and probably approve – the marina resolution that has needlessly gone overboard in discussion.

In the process, the city again looks clueless when it comes to working with the private sector and the marina ownership, one that has invested hundreds of thousands of non-taxpayer dollars into a project.

Isn’t that something the Dunkirk’s three council tablers should be applauding and assisting instead of stonewalling?