Dayton talks comptroller’s audit

DAYTON – The town of Dayton publicly discussed audit results at a recent board meeting.

At the monthly board meeting of the Dayton Town Board, Supervisor Mark Smith discussed the results of a recent state Comptroller’s Office audit.

The audit looked at machinery purchases from 2008 through 2012. Smith said some machinery purchases were made from the DB fund, town highway outside the village, when they should have been from the DA fund – town highway townwide. Smith said a former bookkeeper was charging these purchases to the wrong fund. All money will have to be moved back to the correct fund and the town will have to pay back itself, Smith said.

He had asked officials in Albany if the money could just be taken from one account to another but the town needs to have a repayment plan in place. Smith said the town will take all excess funds following the first of the year and put them into the DB fund. He also said all new vehicle purchases will have to be paid out of the DB fund in 2014, which the town must pass a resolution to do.

“This happens all the time, switching money from A column to B column,” Smith said.

In an unrelated matter, the town discussed doing a dog census. The town found a woman who was going to do the dog census but has since decided not to.

“We should do one since we haven’t done it…,” said Smith. “Winter is not the time to do it.”

The town discussed a mailing that could be sent out to all residents but an honor system would have to used in order to get the forms returned. If anyone is interested in doing a dog census, contact town clerk Ruth Bennett at 532-3758.

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