Rain postpones, cancels Festival of Grapes activities

SILVER CREEK – No matter how well you plan, sometimes mother nature gets in the way.

“This is the 46th year for the Festival of Grapes and it is probably the 46th time it has rained during the festival,” Festival of Grapes Committee Chair Lisa Romano joked. “No matter how well you plan, the weather does what it wants.”

Pouring rain for most of the day in Silver Creek forced some activities to be postponed or canceled. Many children’s events were planned for Saturday morning and afternoon.

Unfortunately, rides were not in operation, the First Baptist Church had to cancel its free grape stomp and children’s events, Clumsy the Entertainer canceled his act, and the karate and dance demonstrations were also canceled early in the day.

Romano said Eclectic Dance Company, Crino’s Marshall Arts Academy and Karate Connection will appear in today’s grand parade.

Todd Nelson’s Magic Show has been postponed until today at 11:30 a.m. near the gazebo. Terry Buchwald as Elvis also decided to cancel his Saturday night performance. His act will be postponed to a later date that has yet to be determined.

Some vendors braved the weather and several community members went out with umbrellas and raincoats to purchase food and crafts.

Some indoor events were still able to be held including the First United Church’s grape pie sale.

The church members tending the sale said they usually sell over 100 pies during Festival of Grapes weekend. They explained the filling was made last October when the grapes were ripe and then it was frozen. Each member who wanted to make pies was given filling and was able to make their own recipe for the crust.

Also held were the contests for amateur wine making and grape desserts at the Firemen’s Club on Jackson Street. However, this event also felt an effect of the weather.

“I think the weather had a lot to do with the smaller turnout this year,” contest judge Anne Dearmeyr said.

Judges Deborah Adams, Dearmeyr Barb Miles-Moranski, Todd Helen Brook, Jean Dalrymple, Kurt Lindstrom and Michael Boedo judged either white and red wines or desserts, or both.

Boedo, who was head judge for desserts, asked his fellow judges to judge the grape pies entered for presentation, texture and “grapiness.”

Once each dessert was tasted and scores were tallied, the winning pie was awarded to Sue Skarzenski. Second place went to Greg Cole and third went to Alicia Shields for her concord grape pie. Jean Gabel won first place for her grape jelly.

The festival continues today with the grand parade to take place at 1 p.m. There will also be rides, vendors, a farmer’s market, wine tasting and a chicken barbecue at the VFW.

Romano encouraged all Festival of Grapes goers to stop by the festival headquarters in the old PennySaver Office on Main Street across from the village square for a basket raffle, free guessing games, specials on festival merchandise and much more.

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