Pomfret asks Fredonia to approve change order

The Fredonia Village Board has been called upon by the town of Pomfret to approve a change order for its North End Water District project.

During a recent village board workshop, Wendel engineers Robert Klavoon and Michael Wymer were on hand to request the village move swiftly in its consideration and consent to address a problem that has been brought up at recent Pomfret Town Board meetings.

Pomfret is currently considering the approval of a permanent pump station in order to correct a problem seen in homes along Webster, Rood and Chautauqua roads, which are experiencing poor domestic water pressure. New water lines were installed along those roads as part of the North End Water District and now a pump station is needed to boost the water pressure of those homes up by at least 30 pounds per square inch.

Klavoon guaranteed the village would not be affected in any way by Pomfret’s actions.

“We are not proposing to change any of the volume of water that we’re taking and we are not proposing any changes to the village of Fredonia infrastructure. Everything would be after the meter pit that’s currently installed on the town of Pomfret’s system,” he said. “The booster pump would be the responsibility of the town of Pomfret water district. All the … costs would be the responsibility of the town and we do have sufficient funds in our project budget to be able to support this investment.”

Klavoon added a check valve installed at the meter pit in that area would prevent any backflow into the village’s system.

“It’s check-valved now, so the pressure can go up and down on the town’s side of those check valves and it will never impact us,” Fredonia Department of Public Works Supervisor Jack Boland said, attesting to Klavoon’s statement. “Water can only flow out of the village, into the town (and) past the check valve.”

Since a change order for the pump station is needed, the Fredonia Board must approve it in conjunction with the Pomfret Board due to the creation of an alteration in the water district contract between the village and the town. A permanent easement would also need to be secured since the pump station would have to be located on private property.

“We already have an existing easement from (the property owner there) for the meter pit that’s there and we’ve spoken with him and we believe that should not be an issue to get that,” Klavoon said. “The town attorney and the village attorney would have to get those ‘i”s dotted and ‘t”s crossed and get that contract amended and taken care of.”

The board asked Klavoon to provide a detailed set of plans for the project to the village just in case it wants to have its own engineer look them over.

The next meeting is today at 7:30 p.m. in the Trustees Room of the village hall.

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