Fredonia: Village first, residents later

Monday’s Fredonia Village Board meeting is a good example of how government works today.

Throughout the meeting, the village approved a number of items that will benefit its viability for the future. It approved a new pact with the police officers. It OK’d bonding for improvements to the wastewater treatment plant. It also hired a new part-time police officer.

What the village did not do, and has not done over recent months, is give Holmes Place homeowners any answers regarding their street that continues to be a disgrace. Residents again attended the meeting seeking answers and a timetable.

“What baffles me to no end is that we don’t have a street,” Holmes Place resident Marilyn Flack said. “Everybody else in Fredonia has a street. We’re taxpayers. The street was supposed to be done last year. October is approaching and we still don’t have a street.”

Unfortunately, work on Holmes Place – like sidewalk plowing – is a benefit to the residents. That always takes a back seat.

Fredonia is not alone in that perception. Local municipal government no longer works or exists for its residents. Instead, it exists to support those who are closely tied to it – and making money off of it.

How else could you explain this failing system?