Pine Valley talks potential team mergers

SOUTH DAYTON – Pine Valley students may one day travel to another school district to participate in football. Superin-tendent Pete Morgante brought up the topic at a recent board meeting.

“One thing we’ll have to seriously consider is football (merging),” Mor-gante said.

Morgante said the most likely school to potentially merge with is Cattarau-gus-Little Valley Central School. The district currently already has merge agreements with other schools for different sports. At the meeting, the board of education ap-proved a swimming agreement with Frewsburg Central School and a wrestling agreement with Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Morgante said the problem with merging is different dismissal times for the schools. Pine Valley could potentially let students go early since the final period during the day is for extra help and is similar to a study hall.

To transport students to Cattaraugus, the option of eliminating an afternoon bus run will be researched.

They also talked of having the varsity team potentially play at Cattaraugus-Little Valley with the JV team playing at Pine Valley for home games.

The board did not take any action on the matter but will conduct further research.

The Future Farmers of America also made a presentation at the meeting in regard to an educational trip.

Senior Andrew Miller and FFA Advisor Isaac Habermehl gave the presentation about a trip to Oswegatchie Educational Center Environmental Science and Leadership Development Program in the Adirondacks.

The group wants to attend the camp Nov. 10 to 12 (Sunday through Tues-day).

Habermehl said they looked at three different sets of dates and the one selected was “less intrusive” to the school year.

“We’d only miss one day of school (Tuesday) because of Columbus Day,” Miller said.

The FFA will apply for a grant that will provide 33 percent funding, lowering the cost from $120 to $80 per person.

Habermehl said the FFA has been turned down in the past for the grant due to too many schools applying. If the club does not receive the funding, Habermehl said the students will not go.

“It’s just too much to ask of from the students,” he said.

Board of Education member Bob Astry said he enjoyed seeing a presentation of the trip last year. He said he was “impressed” by what the students accomplished on the trip. Board President Janie Waag suggested the board of education pay for fuel costs since the district already pays for sports trips. The board will have a resolution at the next meeting on Oct. 3 to approve the trip.

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